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Just a few things I've done and a few things I'm doing

Nathanael Rosidi

I'm currently in product strategy in the biotech/healthcare field. I was previously in (and still sort of in) the data science field but age and life have a way of making you feel out of touch with the new stuff.

Fortunately, I like to build things. Currently, I build educational tools for data scientists, students, and professionals interested in growing their analytical skills.

I am also an adjunct professor in Business Analytics and Information Systems in the School of Management at the University of San Francisco. I teach both undergraduates and MBAs about technology systems and analytics.


I primarily write essays on data science and careers on my blog below. In addition, I am a regular contributor to an online magazine .cult. I have guest posts on other blogs such as KDNuggets, Towards Data Science on Medium, Better Programming on Medium, Hackernoon, and others.


For some reason, people want to hear my thoughts on how I think about starting and running a business. Here are some podcasts where I talk about such things.

  • Hobby Hustler (2021). Starting a SaaS with Nathan Rosidi.
  • Indie Hackers (2020). Quick Chat with Nathan Rosidi of Strata Scratch.
  • Side Hustle School (2019). Data Scientist Turns Teaching Frustrations Into Recurring Income.
  • Teaching.

    I'm an adjunct professor in the School of Management at the University of San Francisco. I teach both undergraduate and graduate level classes primary in business analytics.

    Undergraduate courses:

    Graduate courses (MBA level):


    Most of my projects these days can be divided into 2 categories -- professional and education. I can't post any of my professional projects here but below is a sampling of a few small tools I built over the years. The biggest side project so far has been Strata Scratch.

    Strata Scratch: Educational tools for data scientists

  • Strata Scratch is a passion project of mine. It's a platform I wish I had when I was younger and trying to improve my data science skills and prepare for technical interviews. There's so many resources out there for developers but not many for data scientists. This is my chance to build something and give back to the analytical community.

  • Import CSVs to Database Tool

  • A python tool that leverages Pandas to programmatically import CSV files to a Postgres database. This tool will convert all columns to lower case without spaces and autodetect datatypes Link to GitHub.

  • An API Manager to manage all your APIs, written in Flask

  • This app is an API that manages all your other APIs. The purpose is to easily and securely store all your API credentials (keys and curl path) so that users need not worry about all the different connections and keys needed to access different APIs. Link to GitHub.

  • Machine learning with Random Forest and Cross Validation

  • An introduction to machine learning using a random forest classifier and cross validation function. This project can also be repurposed using almost any machine learning algorithm in sklearn. Link to GitHub.

  • Logistic regression on email type to login

  • Performing a logistic regression to show the effectiveness of email types to user login, using python and statsmodels to run the regression. Link to GitHub.
  • Past Academic Projects.

    My past work involves computational and statistical modeling on biological and healthcare data. I've implemented a variety of different types of models such as signal processing, cross-correlation algorithms, monte-carlo simulations/cross-validations, k-means clustering, and a bunch of parametric and non-parametric statistical models.

    Some Past Data Analyses and Visualizations

    Rosidi Plos One 2011

    Rosidi NL, PLOS ONE 2011. Spatial and temporal characteristics of the brain's inflammatory response after an injury.

    Rosidi Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism 2010

    Rosidi NL, JCBFM 2010. K-means cluster analysis of blood flow speed based on branch topology.


  • Nathanael L. Rosidi, "Studies of pathological dynamics after microvascular injury using nonlinear optical methods". 2011. Download it here.

  • Peer-Reviewed Publications


    nathanrosidi [at] gmail [.] com